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Retreat Dharma Talks

Full Catastrophe Compassion

In a time of pandemic and climate crisis, we learn to bless ourselves and all beings by releasing a compassion that take us beyond fear and loss to the heart's own reservoir of grace and unconditional love.

2021-12-12 (1 day) Portland Friends of the Dhamma

2021-12-12 On the Threshold of Pure Presence 14:54
Ayya Medhanandi
The Dhamma summons us to let virtue be purified so that we can hasten to higher ground. What will give us peace in our suffering moments? What will calm the mind in all of life’s struggles? No one is immune. But having known a glimpse of pure presence, the heart follows that true way home, to the ending of pain, to the unexcelled bliss of its freedom.
2021-12-12 Compassion Is Greater Than Fear 21:43
Ayya Medhanandi
Compassion is a strength, a generosity, a joy, a guardian of the mind, a rescue from fear and all forms of suffering, and a fountain of peace. It brings untold benefit both for one who gives it and for one who receives it. Compassion enhances the sublime abidings and the factors of awakening, thus serving, in and of itself, as a dynamic vehicle for the heart’s liberation.
2021-12-12 At the Frontier of Harmlessness – Chop Off the Head of Mara 42:13
Ayya Medhanandi
One who practices true compassion inwardly as well as to others is praised as a superior person, a spiritual warrior on the path of harmlessness. How do we emulate that? Guided by right intention, we abandon the hindrances of the mind and patiently whittle away our ingrained habit of ego construction. We learn to see wisely and to forgive conditions as we journey to transcendence.
2021-12-12 A Compass to Freedom 16:14
Ayya Medhanandi
Compassion is our worthy compass. Radiating compassionate empathy towards our own suffering and the suffering of the world, the mind is tranquil, protected from danger, and at peace. We have courage enough to evict fear and take our proper seat in the pure presence of the heart.
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