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Retreat Dharma Talks

Gratitude and Generosity: Realizing the Abundant Heart

An online retreat with Susie Harrington and Jeanne Corrigal, Feb 12-13, 2022

We can get caught in thinking how things could be better, more, different, when in fact the precious jewels of connection, care, and a generous heart are already here.

In this weekend retreat, Susie and Jeanne will offer dharma reflections, guided meditation, instruction, group practice talks, and gentle relational practice.

2022-02-12 (2 days) Saskatoon Insight Meditation Community

2022-02-12 Gratitude as Reciprocal Relationship 55:32
Susie Harrington, Jeanne Corrigal
Saturday morning dharmette in gratitude and generosity as a reciprocal relationship, rather than a transactional relationship, followed by a guided meditation in the refuges as gratitude practices. (Susie) The sit ends with walking instructions and encouragement to sense the body as a support for the embodied gratitude of being present. (Jeanne)
2022-02-12 Gratitude in the Pleasant and in Embodied Presence 45:29
Jeanne Corrigal
Saturday afternoon guided practice in gratitude for subtle pleasant experiences and in the importance of supporting our meditation through noticing these pleasant states. The sit ends with a guided meditation and walking instruction in experiencing the body through the senses. (Jeanne)
2022-02-12 Gratitude as Doorway to Belonging; Gratitude as a Practice in Difficult Times 52:31
Susie Harrington, Jeanne Corrigal
Saturday afternoon dharma talk on gratitude as a doorway to belonging (Susie), and as a powerful practice in difficult times (Jeanne).
2022-02-13 Generosity as a Living Liberation Practice 57:21
Jeanne Corrigal, Susie Harrington
Sunday morning instruction and meditation begins with generosity as a living liberation practice of non-clinging, and moves to a guided sit in generosity toward the self (Jeanne). This sit ends with guided instruction in walking with an attitude of offering generosity (Susie).
2022-02-13 The Treasure of Generosity; Generosity and the Liberation Process 47:41
Susie Harrington, Jeanne Corrigal
Sunday afternoon dharma talk on the treasure of generosity and interconnection in our lives (Susie) and the liberative process catalyzed by generosity (Jeanne).
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