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Retreat Dharma Talks

Finding Refuge, Finding Home: A Retreat in Nature

In the storms of our lives, we need refuge – nourishment and support – a place to replenish our tired bodies and troubled hearts. When the Buddha taught meditation, his first instruction was to go sit under a tree. We will practice together in the age-old tradition of being outside in the company of the natural world. We will explore tapping into the natural stillness and dynamism that surrounds us outdoors and can teach us balance. As we integrate the stillness and movement, we will move toward being active participants in the world, while maintaining balance and ease in our hearts and minds.

2022-05-22 (5 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2022-05-23 Dancing with the Way Things Are: Impermanence 53:45
Susie Harrington
Impermanence is the nature of things, in our practice we have the opportunity to see it and learn to dance with this fundamental aspect of our experience.
2022-05-24 The Experience of Dukkha 48:11
Jaya Rudgard
How dukkha is a natural feature of life. When we learn to decondition reactivity, it becomes a gateway to freedom.
2022-05-25 Exploring the Nature of Self (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:08
Mark Coleman
How nature reveals the ephemeral, impermanent, interconnected nature of who we are.
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