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Retreat Dharma Talks

Work Retreat

The work retreat is an opportunity to develop the practice of awakening through the types of tasks and activities that comprise much of our lives. In essence, the path of awakening is not governed by any particular situation or activity, but more the attitude and orientation we bring to life in any moment. This is valuable to explore. During this retreat we emphasise curiosity and kindness. We practice together in sitting meditation and whilst engaging in tasks. We explore themes such as service, continuity, intention, and how to open to challenges.

2022-06-13 (4 days) Gaia House

2022-06-14 Morning Teachings 42:06
Gavin Milne, Ramiro Ortega
Awareness of body, including work practice instructions.
2022-06-14 Dharma Talk 49:39
Gavin Milne
The nature of practice - embracing challenges and continuity of awareness.
2022-06-16 Morning Teachings 54:40
Gavin Milne, Ramiro Ortega
Mind states, emotions and resting into awareness.
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