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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Retreat Dharma Talks

By Any Means Necessary: A Journey to Liberation & Freedom Through Wisdom & the Heart

Why not find freedom and liberation right here, right now? Through grounding ourselves in the teaching and practices that the Buddha offered, we can stand solidly on the path of freedom. Present in our bodies and connected to the earth, we can be held and graced by the dhamma, the practice, and the ancestors.

Our ancestors made great sacrifices and stayed the course. We honor their memory. Because of them, we know and understand suffering in our bones. The Buddha’s teachings support us in reclaiming the bits and pieces of our histories, and help us to integrate the wisdom of the heart and mind into our lives. In this way, we will bring wholeness and connection for ourselves and for the collective.

We arrive at this retreat to reclaim our freedom of mind, our sovereignty of body and the liberation of the heart. There will be rest, there will be renewal, there will be rejuvenation!

By engaging with various practices, by listening to the dhamma and by being together in sangha, we will cultivate awareness, clarity, understanding and kindness. We can transform any sense of being bound or disempowered as together we decondition and decolonize the mind/heart. Over time, this can lead us to the joy and peace that only come through a heart and mind filled with wisdom and love.

2023-06-15 (9 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2023-06-16 Mindfulness of the body 31:33
Jeanne Corrigal
Foundational sitting and walking instructions
2023-06-17 Abiding in metta 25:20
Jeanne Corrigal
Instructions and finding your "easy doorway" to Metta; instructions in the skill of abiding; closes with a brief abiding.
2023-06-18 Questions and response 66:17
Jeanne Corrigal, DaRa Williams, Jozen Tamori Gibson, Lissa Edmond, Yong Oh
2023-06-19 Vedana - Second foundation 40:55
DaRa Williams
The subtlety of feeling tone. Don't have to react!
2023-06-20 Morning Instructions: the energy before a thought 34:25
Jozen Tamori Gibson
Experienced BIPOC retreat, June 2023
2023-06-22 Equanimity in the midst of things 44:19
Jeanne Corrigal
Guided closing meditation
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