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Retreat Dharma Talks

Embracing Change, Mastering Letting Go

Uncertainty and change (anicca) have always been a striking feature of human life, but these days the pace of change seems to be accelerating. In this retreat, we will rely on the Buddha's words of advice to prepare for inevitable change and to develop flexibility, equanimity and the wisdom to know when to try harder and when to let go.

2022-10-04 (6 days) Bellingham Insight Meditation Society

2022-10-06 The Solid Ground of Dhamma 49:51
Ayya Santussika
2022-10-07 Renunciation or Letting Go? and How? 25:50
Ayya Santussika
2022-10-07 Kindfulness of Breathing Guided Meditation 38:50
Ayya Santussika
2022-10-08 The Ultimate Letting Go 15:42
Ayya Santussika
2022-10-08 The Ultimate Letting Go Addendum 1:42
Ayya Santussika
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