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Retreat Dharma Talks

2023 Dhamma Talks

Talks given at CBM during 2023

2023-01-01 (365 days) Cittaviveka

2023-01-07 Enter Dhamma, exit reactivity 57:43
Ajahn Sucitto
Using mindfulness of the body to chill emotional reactions.
2023-01-08 Mindful Acrobatics - how to juggle the plates of feeling and not become a nervous wreck 48:57
Ajahn Sucitto
2023-01-09 Watch for this sign 57:35
Ajahn Sucitto
How to steadily warm rather than get fried.
2023-01-10 The world hangs on 52:06
Ajahn Sucitto
...(And is released from) three threads.
2023-01-11 Skilful deactivation 55:32
Ajahn Sucitto
How to withdraw energy from the mind - and why.
2023-01-12 Through tedium to liberation 47:30
Ajahn Sucitto
Persistent mindfulness through changing conditions reveals portals to liberation: Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta.
2023-01-13 Follow the Feeling: the Open Road 50:43
Ajahn Sucitto
Practice is a matter of carefully noticing and moderating feeling.
2023-01-16 Ajahn Chah's Dhamma Culture 60:10
Ajahn Sucitto
How to stay at ease in the world as it is.
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