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Retreat Dharma Talks

Auckland Insight weekly talks 2023

Selected talks and guided meditations from Auckland Insight's weekly group meeting

2023-02-02 (317 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2023-02-02 01 talk: overview of the ten pāramī 29:22
Jill Shepherd
An introduction to the ten pāramī, skilful qualities of heart and mind that help us to navigate life's challenges, and ways to cultivate these in daily life
2023-02-23 talk: pāramī of dāna / generosity 30:41
Jill Shepherd
Exploring generosity as a spiritual practice by bringing more refined awareness to how we give, and the benefits that come from the reciprocal flow of giving and receiving
2023-03-02 talk: pāramī of sīla / ethical conduct 25:57
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the pāramī of sila or ethical conduct, looking at some of the main differences between Buddhist ethics and mainstream Western ethics
2023-03-09 talk: pāramī of renunciation or relinquishment 29:23
Jill Shepherd
How the pāramī of nekhamma or renunciation/relinquishing invites us to explore our relationship to wanting, and how the societal-wide craving for comfort helps fuel the climate crisis
2023-03-16 talk: pāramī of wisdom 26:35
Jill Shepherd
How wisdom supports all the other pāramī, and how it can be cultivated on different levels, corresponding with the head, heart, and gut
2023-04-13 talk: pāramī of energy 28:47
Jill Shepherd
Exploring how energy needs to be guided by the previous pāramī, wisdom, to make sure that our energy is put to best use. Individually and collectively, we tend to use the resource of our own energy in the same way that we relate to other resources:over-exploiting it, until we’re depleted, exhausted, on the verge of burn-out. A wise relationship to energy includes paying attention to how we renew, refresh and resource ourselves, so that energy is available when we most need it.
2023-04-20 talk: pāramī of patience 29:23
Jill Shepherd
Patience is a quality that is undervalued in mainstream society with its emphasis on instant gratification, but in the Buddha's teachings, it's seen as the foremost of all the pāramī. Fortunately, it's something that can be trained in, initially by recognising where we're IMpatient, then making the effort to orient to steadiness and non-resistance.
2023-05-18 talk: the pāramī of truthfulness 24:30
Jill Shepherd
Exploring truthfulness in relation to speech, and how in some circumstances, the Buddha advocated for speaking "dispraise" of those who are worth of dispraise
2023-06-01 talk: the pāramī of resolve 35:23
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the quality of resolve as a resource in three arenas: for strengthening our commitment to regular meditation practice; going on retreat; and facing in to the challenges of the climate crisis
2023-06-15 short talk: pāramī of mettā, kindness 16:00
Jill Shepherd
A short exploration of kindness: how it's supported by our capacity to rest, and is itself a restful quality
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