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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Natural Clarity of Awareness: A Two-Week Insight Meditation Retreat

This insight meditation retreat offers a unique opportunity to deeply explore the benefits of mindfulness and momentary concentration developed over the course of two weeks. The meditation instructions will touch on all four foundations of mindfulness, with emphasis on the noting technique and continuity of mindfulness in sitting, walking, and daily activities taught by the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw.

2024-05-19 (15 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2024-05-24 The three characteristics: Annica (impermanence) Dukkha ( suffering/unreliability) and Anatta (not self) 43:39
Tara Mulay
2024-05-28 The first three of the Four Noble Truths 47:53
Tara Mulay
Including a discussion of craving for sense pleasures, becoming, and non-becoming
2024-06-01 Closing ceremony 37:29
Devin Berry, Annie Nugent, Tara Mulay, Victoria Cary
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