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Retreat Dharma Talks

A Way of Benevolence: Freedom from Fear, Peace and Wise Compassion

A 5 day Vipassana retreat during the COVID pandemic - sustaining peace, inner health and seclusion in a climate of social restraint, restriction, uncertainty and courage.

2022-11-17 (5 days) Ottawa Buddhist Society (Galilee Centre)

2022-11-19 A Way of Benevolence 31:35
Ayya Medhanandi
The Buddha guides us on a way of benevolence, worthy of our praise, worthy of our attention, and worthy of our devotion. It extinguishes the fire of delusion in the mind to kindle the fire of awakening. No 'one' awakens but the heart heals naturally by touching Truth. Freed from the shackles of ignorance, it knows the emptiness that is full and the fullness that is empty – complete peace with all things exactly as they are.
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