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Retreat Dharma Talks

The Power of Purification: Insight Meditation Retreat

The cultivation of mindfulness is essential for maturing the paramis, the forces of purification. Mindfulness also calms the mind and deepens insightful understanding. Practicing awareness in all activities throughout this retreat together with metta – lovingkindness meditation - will lay the foundation for a dharma lifestyle.


2007-08-03 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

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2007-08-03 Opening Talk - The Power Of Purification Retreat 44:54
Steve Armstrong
Opening Talk - The Power of Purification
2007-08-04 Morning Instructions - First Day 54:43
Kamala Masters
Morning Instructions and guided sit
2007-08-04 Further Sitting And Walking Instructions 49:09
Steve Armstrong
Further guided sitting and walking instructions. Day one 10:00 AM
2007-08-04 Mindfulness: Tranquility, Insight, Understanding 62:07
Steve Armstrong
Mindfulness or awareness is the foundation for development of seclusion, liberating insight and peace of mind. The distractions in practice makes the difference.
2007-08-05 Second Morning Instructions with Q&A 61:00
Steve Armstrong
Relax body, relax mind, recognize present moment
2007-08-05 Metta Instructions, Self, Benefactor And Friend 1:13:04
Kamala Masters
Metta Instructions, Self, Benefactor and Friend
2007-08-05 Faith 65:52
Kamala Masters
2007-08-06 Morning Instructions / Q&A Monday 8-6-07 60:22
Kamala Masters
Morning Instructions / Q&A
2007-08-06 Metta Instructions Forgivemess Day Two 64:00
Kamala Masters
Metta Instructions - Forgiveness - Day Two
2007-08-07 Morning Instructions / Q&A / Walking Instructions 60:34
Steve Armstrong
Morning Instructions / Q&A / Walking Instructions
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