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Retreat Dharma Talks

Seeing That Frees

Retreat at the Gathering Place in Canberra, Australia.
Covering samadhi and metta practices as well as ways of looking related to the perceptions of anicca, dukkha and anatta.

2023-07-07 (8 days) Australian Insight Meditation Network

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2023-07-08 Introduction to Samadhi / Energy Body practice, with short guided meditation 34:17
Victor von der Heyde
An overview of samadhi / energy body practice with a guided meditation starting at 17 min 30 secs.
2023-07-08 Metta to phenomena: overview and guided practice 21:17
Victor von der Heyde
An introduction to metta to phenomena. Guided meditation starts at 6 minutes
2023-07-08 Cultivating the perception of Anicca / Transience 26:45
Victor von der Heyde
A short section on metta practice at the beginning, followed by an overview of the perceptions of anicca, dukkha and anatta. Then a focus on one particular anicca practice
2023-07-09 Anicca Practice: Guided Meditation 39:39
Victor von der Heyde
Practice cultivating a felt sense of transience
2023-07-09 Death: guided meditation followed by reflection 21:52
Victor von der Heyde
A guided meditation bringing and awareness of death to present experience, see what comes from this perspective, followed by a reflection on the uncertainty of the time of death and our priorities.
2023-07-09 Perceptions of Dukkha, and ways of looking related to Dukkha 21:53
Victor von der Heyde
Outline of ways of looking practices with a focus on dukkha and three practices related to dukkha
2023-07-10 Instructions and guided meditation: Breath practice followed by Dukkha Method 1 30:01
Victor von der Heyde
The "Dukkha Method 1" practice related to the practice described in the book Seeing That Frees: Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent Arising". The first 12 minutes are a description of the two practices, the guided meditation starts after that.
2023-07-10 Guided Meditation on reducing clinging: Dukkha method 2, Part 1 16:22
Victor von der Heyde
Guided meditation on one of the practices described in the book "Seeing That Frees" related to the perception of dukkha.
2023-07-10 Guided meditation on Allowing, reducing the push and pull (Dukkha Method 2) 27:07
Victor von der Heyde
Instructions for the first three minutes, then the guided meditation starts.
2023-07-10 Anatta: overview and practice description 23:11
Victor von der Heyde
Practice section outlines one of the practices in the Seeing That Frees book.
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