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Retreat Dharma Talks

Online meditation day: Understanding the citta (heart/mind)

2023-08-12 (1 day) Auckland Insight Meditation

2023-08-12 01 Opening reflections and guided meditation: Establishing awareness of citta 30:02
Jill Shepherd, Elizabeth Day, Willa Thaniya Reid
Welcome and orientation; establishing awareness of citta (heart/mind)
2023-08-12 02 meditation: sensing into citta 33:44
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-08-12 04 meditation: continuing attuning to the quality of the heart-mind 32:45
Jill Shepherd
2023-08-12 05 meditation: establishing skillful qualities in the heart/mind 31:30
Willa Thaniya Reid
2023-08-12 07 meditation: further development of mettā and muditā as supports for freeing the citta 31:59
Jill Shepherd
2023-08-12 08 talk: Q&R and closing reflections 25:55
Jill Shepherd, Elizabeth Day, Willa Thaniya Reid
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