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Retreat Dharma Talks

Mettā/Lovingkindness Retreat

Mettā is the quality of love that blossoms when we turn our attention toward what is inherently lovely, worthy and good – within us and all around us. In these times of anxiety, loneliness and heartbreak, metta can help fortify our hearts and minds with a love that is more powerful than fear. By centering what we care about, we find the energy to keep moving steadily toward individual and collective liberation.

2023-08-13 (5 days) True North Insight

2023-08-14 Day 1 morning instructions_Metta for Self 36:30
Kate Johnson
2023-08-14 Day 1 dharma talk_Inspiration for Love 37:08
Kate Johnson
2023-08-15 Day 2 morning instructions_Metta for All Beings 52:52
Kate Johnson
2023-08-15 Day 2 dharma talk_Liberating insight through Metta 53:48
Kate Johnson
2023-08-16 Day 3 morning instructions_Radiating Metta 35:06
Kate Johnson
2023-08-16 Day 3 dharma talk_Metta and the Aspiration for Collective Liberation 44:04
Kate Johnson
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