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Retreat Dharma Talks

This Precious Human Life - Contemplating Our Mortality

What does it mean to live in the full awareness that we are not here forever?
In this retreat, Insight Meditation is foundation for meeting our life with sensitivity, and for turning towards the reality of death. Reflecting wholeheartedly on this fundamental dimension of existence clarifies what is truly important, and opens a powerful gateway into living with more immediacy, openheartedness, freedom and spirited engagement.

2023-12-07 (4 days) Gaia House

2023-12-08 Instructions & Reflections - Ground, Breath, Body, Space 52:33
River Wolton
This recording includes Walking Meditation Instructions by Yanai Postelnik
2023-12-08 Dharma Talk - Contemplating Our Mortality 50:37
Yanai Postelnik
2023-12-09 Reflections and Meditation Instructions 34:22
Yanai Postelnik
2023-12-09 Dharma Talk - Death is the Mother of Beauty 41:55
River Wolton
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