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Retreat Dharma Talks

Rainbow Dharma- A Retreat for the LGBTQI+ Community

This retreat offers an opportunity to connect with others in ways that affirm our identity as a community of shared intention and practice, allowing us to make greater peace with ourselves and our lives, and to grow our capacity for freedom.

We hope to co-create a space of acceptance, reflection and support in which to cultivate mindfulness, embodied kindness and wisdom through meditation.

The retreat offers guided sitting and walking practices, movement, optional small groups, dharma talks, and Q&A sessions.

There are affinity sits for those who identify as BIPOC, and for those who identify as trans/non-binary/gender-fluid.

2024-02-09 (5 days) Gaia House

2024-02-10 Going to the Forest 45:52
Bernat Font
Meditation Instructions
2024-02-10 What is Well ? 0:00
River Wolton
(Recording not available) 
Soothing the nervous system and becoming aware of what is well and pleasant.
2024-02-11 Before the Bend in the Road 27:07
Bernat Font
Guided Meditation
2024-02-11 History, Story, Mystery 45:49
River Wolton
Explorations of identity and not-self.
2024-02-12 The Art of Mettā 44:19
River Wolton
Reflections of the brahma viharas, guided mettā practice.
2024-02-12 Field of Care 26:53
River Wolton
Guided compassion meditation.
2024-02-12 On Right View: To see the rainbow is to see conditionality 43:42
Bernat Font
Reflections on view(s) VS seeing, the middle way, emptiness, conditionality, and dealing with others’ views & opinions.
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