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Retreat Dharma Talks

Awake in the Wild: June 2024

2024-06-03 (8 days) Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

2024-06-03 Opening Night Orientation to Nature Retreat 44:41
Mark Coleman, Kirsten Rudestam
2024-06-04 The Fruits and Blessings of Nature Practice 57:16
Mark Coleman
Why do we practice in nature? This talk explores the dimensions of wisdom and love that are cultivated through mindfulness in nature.
2024-06-06 Exploring Wisdom and Insight in Nature Practice 53:53
Mark Coleman
This talk draws on the innate lessons of nature to deepen understanding of impermanence, time, and imperfection.
2024-06-07 Exploring Dependent Arising and Nature of Self in Nature 49:08
Mark Coleman
This talk explores how mindful immersion in nature reveals timeless truths of causality and the emptiness of self.
2024-06-08 What’s Love Got to Do With It? 47:26
Mark Coleman
This talk explores the many dimensions of the heart that effortlessly arise with intimate connection with the natural world, including the four Brahma Viharas.
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