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Cooling the Mind, Warming the Heart

Cooling the mind begins with developing our ability to resolve our own negative thoughts and emotions like desire, irritation, anger, resentment, confusion, etc., the things that make our mind “hot” and bring unhappiness. This first step in cooling the mind also includes learning skillful ways to deal with the negative attitudes and behaviors of others. Cooling continues with deepening states of calm and stillness on and off the cushion and comes to completion with full liberation.
Warming the heart is an essential part of our practice as we develop the mind and is usually accomplished through cultivation of generosity and the Brahmaviharas: kindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity.

2024-06-07 (14 days) Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

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2024-06-07 Retreat Introduction 53:12
Ayya Santussika, Ayya Cittananda
Welcome Forming the container Brief overview Refuges and Precepts
2024-06-08 Start Where We Are 28:06
Ayya Santussika
Beginning to cool the mind: Why did we come? What did we come with? How to take care with wisdom and kindness.
2024-06-08 Relaxing into Retreat 42:18
Ayya Santussika
Anapanasati - body and feeling
2024-06-08 Cooling the Mind, Making it Firm 49:29
Ayya Santussika
What methods are you using to cool the mind? How about making it steady? Using anapanasati and various reflections, including the three characteristics.
2024-06-09 Relaxing into Retreat 2 33:19
Ayya Santussika
Anapanasati - Body, feeling, mind
2024-06-09 Dropping What Binds Us 34:05
Ayya Santussika
Dissolving the layers of identity for relief and insight.
2024-06-09 Making Loving Kindness Our Basis and Vehicle 35:54
Ayya Santussika
When your mind is steady and well settled internally, and bad, unskillful qualities that have arisen don’t occupy your mind, then you should train like this: ‘I will develop the heart’s release by love. I’ll cultivate it, make it my vehicle and my basis, keep it up, consolidate it, and properly implement it.’ That’s how you should train. AN 8.63
2024-06-10 Immersion through Metta 32:48
Ayya Santussika
Establishing metta and tending towards immersion factors.
2024-06-10 Q&A 1 68:35
Ayya Santussika
Sila, samadhi, panna, rebirth.
2024-06-11 Karuna - compassion - is not about "suffering with" others 31:39
Ayya Santussika
Using wisdom to develop the true brahmavihara of karuna, without becoming enmeshed in "suffering with" others.
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