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Retreat Dharma Talks


2008-07-11 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2008-07-12 The Play Of Love And Equanimity 46:48
Sharda Rogell
Metta (lovingkindness) is a mind-turning practice, directing our heart and mind towards love and equanimity. How can we support ourselves to make this transformative turn?
2008-07-13 Metta: Near And Far Enemies 55:13
Guy Armstrong
The near enemy of metta is attached affection, common in romantic love. The far enemy is aversion, which takes many forms, such as resentment and fear. The talk explores these responses and how to work with them in metta practice.
2008-07-14 How I Came To Love Metta 57:01
Heather Martin
After initially resisting aspects of this practice, the talk describes how I found my way by making Metta my own.
2008-07-15 Mudita: Guided Meditation 44:13
Guy Armstrong
This is a guided meditation on the quality of appreciative joy, or mudita. There is also a short introduction on the role of appreciative joy in the four divine abidings (brahma vihares).
2008-07-15 It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This 54:45
Sally Armstrong
The practice of Mudita or Appreciative Joy cultivates an open and joyful heart that naturally inclines towards connecting with what is uplifting and beautiful in others and in our own lives. It works to counteract the subtle or not-so-subtle tendency towards envy, which tells us that we are deficient in some way.
2008-07-16 Upekkha: Guided Meditation 57:54
Heather Martin
2008-07-16 The Firm Ground Of Equanimity 57:33
Sharda Rogell
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