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Retreat Dharma Talks

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2008-01-09 "I Shall Not Want" 52:22
Sylvia Boorstein
The second of four talks on the Four Noble Truths, with emphasis on the Second Truth.
2008-01-16 The 3Rd Noble Truth - The Pleasure Of Sufficiency 1:10:22
Sylvia Boorstein
The Third Noble Truth - Third lecture in a four part series emphasizing the joy of "not needing" - the difference between wanting and needing.
2008-01-28 The Discussion Of The Wisdom Dakini 1:14:52
Lama Palden
Dakinis are activity aspects of awakened mind. Outwardly the dakini can support, nurture and protect us. She also can show up to cut through conceptuality. Ultimately dakini is the wisdom aspect of our own minds; the openness aspect that is the space for and is inseparable with everything that is. When this aspect is realized all phenomena, all experience become workable, eventually blissful. True nature is wisdom, openness, compassion and love.
2008-01-30 Ways Of Deepening Daily Life Practice 58:57
Donald Rothberg
2008-02-11 Monday Night Talk with Jack Kornfield 61:15
Eugene Cash
2008-02-25 Monday Night Meditation 1:41:16
Eugene Cash
2008-02-27 The Universality Of The Dharma 47:15
Sylvia Boorstein
The Universality of the Dharma
2008-03-05 Wisdom & The Paramitas - part 1 55:07
Sylvia Boorstein
2008-04-09 Mindfulness Of The Body, III 67:19
Donald Rothberg
Mindfulness of the body goes against the grain of our culture yet is fundamental for most of us to bring awareness, compassion and wisdom to daily life. We explore some of the transformation possible through mindfulness of the body.
2008-04-16 Can't Complain 1:14:19
Sylvia Boorstein
A discussion of "complaining" -what is the wise response to feelings of despair, dismay - and that experience of feeling victimized when one knows that no "one" is a victim.
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