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Retreat Dharma Talks

February 2010 Month Long

2010-01-31 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2010-02-01 Putting Your Trust In Awareness 53:24
Carol Wilson
2010-02-02 The Spiritual Journey 53:45
Sally Armstrong
The archetype of the journey is often used to describe our spiritual practice. There are many qualities that are helpful to us in this journey, including the factors of the Noble Eightfold Path.
2010-02-03 The Obstacles are the Path 62:55
Howard Cohn
2010-02-04 The Lion's Roar 57:54
James Baraz
In Tibetan teachings the Lion's Roar is the "fearless proclamation that every situation is workable." Being humbled can lead to a profound, wise humility, doubt can lead to strong confidence and vulnerability can be the path to fearlessness.
2010-02-05 Energy and Effort 60:45
Andrea Fella
The spiritual power of energy is the fuel that supports awakening. We cultivate energy through wise effort. The art of meditation lies in learning skillful ways to balance energy and effort.
2010-02-06 Yatha Bhuta: Things As They Are 60:13
Carol Wilson
2010-02-07 No Part Left Out 56:25
Sally Armstrong
As we deepen our practice of mindfulness, we are able to see our experience more directly and clearly. Metta practice helps to bring a kind, accepting attitude to this process, allowing us to open to some of the difficult emotional experiences that can arise in intensive retreat practice.
2010-02-09 Our Greatest Protection 59:28
James Baraz
Sincerity of heart is the most important ingredient that we can bring to practice. This talk explores that theme with special focus on the Four Iddhipadas, or Bases of Success that fuel our sincere motivation.
2010-02-10 The Wandering Mind 61:48
Andrea Fella
One of the patterns we meet in meditation, over and over again, is the wandering mind. Exploring this pattern without judgment, we can come to deep understanding about the nature of our minds.
2010-02-11 Agendas and Judgments 40:33
Winnie Nazarko
Human beings seek to control their experiences in order to be happy. But when we approach meditation practice with a fixed agenda, we miss the mark. Freedom and liberation comes from learning to harmonize with reality, not in trying to impose our preferences upon it.
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