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The greatest gift is the
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In Response to September 11
2001-09-19 In Response to September 11 7:25:54
with Gavin Harrison, Jack Kornfield, James Baraz, John Travis, Larry Rosenberg, Narayan Helen Liebenson, Robert K. Hall
Working With The Heart In Troubled Times 56:38
Jack Kornfield
How do we work with the energies that are touched in us by the terrorist attacks and all the upheaval in society and the world since then? This talk is an offering of teachings from the Buddhist tradition intended to support us in addressing the current situation wisely within ourselves.
Self-knowing And The Terrorist Crisis 55:59
Larry Rosenberg
Being able to connect with an inner silence amidst the outer turmoil will help the mind become clear and find beneficial ways to meet the challenges that face us. Many issues surrounding the crisis are discussed. Encouragement and suggestions are given for putting the teachings to the test of practice at a critical time.
Self-knowing And The Terrorist Crisis Q&A 54:44
Larry Rosenberg
Please note that some of the comments and questions from the audience in this segment may be difficult to hear, but the main speaker is not.
Collective And Individual Shadow In Contemporary Times 48:47
John Travis
The creation of war begins in the mind. Can we own the shadow in ourselves that wages war with our own experience? Can we see this in the roots of the incredible violence in the world? What would it be to put down the collective and individual struggles that we keep creating?
Courage, Forgiveness And Acceptance 60:06
Gavin Harrison
In an era of terrorism, vengeance and a thirsting for enemies, the practice of insight meditation offers the possibility of a trustworthy and transformative response to the heartbreak of these times. Following the talk is a guided forgiveness meditation.
Staying In Touch With Mystery 51:52
Robert K. Hall
After the horror of September 11, 2001 the mystery of our suffering can become our healing.
Exploring Impermanence 60:06
Narayan Helen Liebenson
The Buddha pointed to impermanence-- the changing nature of things-- as one of the basic laws of nature. The events of September 11th have highlighted this truth dramatically for us. This talk encourages the possibility of softening, seeing clearly and being present to the truth so that we can continue to learn through deepening our understanding of this law of impermanence.
Letting Go Of Knowing 58:34
James Baraz
Most of us want to know the right answer to complex situations. This post-September 11th talk explores the value of letting go of prematurely trying to figure things out, and replace it with patiently listening inside to our wisest understandings and responses when they are ready to be heard.

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