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2022-10-07 Q&A 40:18
Ajahn Sucitto
01:32 Where can I get a print copy of your book Breathing Like a Buddha? (also PDF here:; 02:24 How can I contribute some dana to you? (also see here: and navigate to Chithurst); 04:04 When you speak of the energy body, is that the embodied sense of self? 06:35 What did you mean when you said “The space within and without the body where mental formations form”? 11:33 Could you speak about the phrases the Buddha uses in the Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta? 13:12 What causes unskilful behaviour or though to arise and to stop? 20:28 How can I work for the benefit for other people without being fearful of making mistakes and hurting others? 22:42 How can I turn the mind from outside to inside with other people around? 27:51 I experience constant internal discussions, comments and judgements about past events. What do I do with this sense of self? 34:02 How do I follow Ajahn’s suggestion to make resolution and intention without getting into goal-seeking on the other hand?
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