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2022-07-15 Q&A 50:04
Ajahn Sucitto
04:57 Q1 How to work with jealousy at others’ good fortune. 21:15 Q2 Living through old age, sickness and death is really highlighting my dread of being unreasonable and fitting in with family. What to do? 23:33 Q3 How can we use grief after the loss of a loved one? 27:36 Q4 Two similar questions: (a) I have experienced a loss of direction and feel no zest for living and insecurity overwhelms me. (b) Angry thoughts / emotional intensity lead to self admonishment. What can I do? 32:25 Q5 Can you expand your ideas about the connections between citta and cetena. 37:37 Q6 What is meant by the unconditioned? 42:56 Q7 What are the kasinas? 46:24 Q8 Can you speak about hiriottappa?
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