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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
2023-04-19 Q&A 69:19
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised: 00:00 Q1 What conditions the in breath and the out breath? Are the in and out breath, one breath? 30:51 Q2 I understand that after achieving samadhi one must do vipassana. Or there’s a need to direct the mind or to know what to see or look out for. 47:45 Q3 On retreat, every time the energy body unlocks some more space in my physical body and seems to open into a relaxing garden. Then it retreats. What’s your advice for my energy body to stay in the garden a bit longer? 51:31 Q4 Is it a must to see past lives to penetrate on the path? 52:34 Q5 I’m afraid of being born without wisdom and beauty. How can make sure I will always be close the dhamma in my next lives? 59:07 Q6 How can I establish daily meditation practice? What’s a good amount of time?
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