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Dharma Talks
2016-07-02 The Anxiety of Impermanence and the Impermanence of Anxiety, part 2: walking meditation instructions 12:26
Ajahn Pasanno
Walking meditation instructions.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-06-15 Guided meditation day one - arriving and settling 55:46
Nikki Mirghafori
Guided meditation for settling the mind, walking meditation instructions and Q/A
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Examining Reality as a Path to Freedom: Insight Meditation Retreat for Experienced Students

2016-05-13 7 ) Walking Meditation - Why Should We Do It 64:27
Ariya B. Baumann
Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre Month-long retreat with Ariya Baumann

2016-04-24 Remarks on Walking Meditation 13:10
Ajahn Sucitto
Without pushing forward, without having a goal, experience the motion and flow of walking. Allow citta to pick up the embodied signal in movement – and come home.
Padmasambhava Peace Institute :  Body, Heart and Mind: Embodying Citta

2016-03-24 Space Allows Things to Rise, Pass, Walking Meditation 29:38
Ajahn Sucitto
Buddhist Retreat Centre :  The Deeper You Go, the Lighter it Gets

2015-12-31 Q&A: A Brief Pocket-Map to Jhana 43:24
Ajahn Sucitto
Wandering mind; sleepiness; unpleasant body sensations; steps to first jhana; where to place attention when walking meditation; taking on practice in wilderness as a lay woman; chanting
Uttama Bodhi Vihara :  Meditation Retreat with Luang Por Sucitto in Uttama Bodhi Vihara (UBV)

2015-12-30 Meditation Instructions for sitting and walking 67:48
Yanai Postelnik
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Embodying the Heart of Wisdom: New Year’s Retreat

2015-10-13 Walking Meditation 64:12
Ariya B. Baumann
Walking Meditation is an important and integral part of meditation practice with many amazing benefits. It facilitates insights into the four primary elements, conditionality, or the not-self nature of phenomena.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge October 2015 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2015-10-10 Walking Meditation Instructions (includes a sitting "walking" practice) 8:44
La Sarmiento
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2015 IMCW Fall Retreat - Intimacy with Life

2015-05-30 Creativity without Grasping AM 1:23:10
Martine Batchelor
During this daylong we will examine the process of grasping and its amplifying/exaggerating effects and how meditation can help us to de-grasp and release our holding thus allowing for creative engagement and a creative response. We will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation (sitting and walking) to develop our potential for letting go. We will also explore the different ways we can meditate.
New York Insight Meditation Center

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