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Dharma Talks
2024-01-13 01 talk: welcome and introduction to insight meditation 16:43
Jill Shepherd
Welcome and introduction to the workshop purpose: to deepen the practice of Insight Meditation, which harnesses the power of mindfulness to develop understanding in all aspects of our lives, which leads to greater ease, happiness, and peace of mind
Australian Insight Meditation Network Two-day insight meditation and Insight Dialogue workshop

2024-01-13 How to Put it Down 1:12:01
Ayya Santussika
Karuna Buddhist Vihara

2024-01-12 Metta and Compassion for Self (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:27
Beth Sternlieb
Compassion is the activity of wisdom. We practice because we care. When we offer ourselves compassion, resistance dissolves and like a gentle rain metta permeates our heart down to the roots of our being.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center January Metta 2024

2024-01-12 The 8 fold path, wise attention and purification 49:35
Winnie Nazarko
This talk was offered during a month-long teaching period at the Forest Refuge. Its themes are the role, wise intention, and wise attention play in doing meditation practice and purifying the heart/mind
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge January, 2024

2024-01-12 The Big Picture 1:45:54
Ayya Santussika
Karuna Buddhist Vihara

2024-01-12 Q&A Group B 2:25:32
Sayadaw U Tejaniya
Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary :  Sayadaw U Tejaniya Meditation Retreat, 2024

2024-01-12 Movement & Meditation - Making the Right Effort 1:13:53
Nathan Glyde
Gaia House Rest and Renewal

2024-01-12 Dharma and Recovery 01/12/2024 69:34
Kevin Griffin
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma and Recovery

2024-01-11 Sharing What's Most Precious 48:56
Nathan Glyde
Gaia House Rest and Renewal

2024-01-11 Metta Practice As A Path of Awakening: How Metta Practice Transforms Us and How to Practice with Challenges in Metta Practice 54:45
Donald Rothberg
Metta practice is a wonderful, ancient practice that has parallels in the cultivation of kindness and love in other spiritual traditions; developing the wise heart of kindness is an ancient vocation. There are also parallels with the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his emphasis on bringing love to help transform injustice; we play a brief recording from Dr. King. We also explore different dimensions of Metta practice and how it relates to other pathways of awakening through mindfulness and wisdom. We then look at some of the main challenges of Metta practice, such as distraction, repetitive thoughts, sleepiness, and challenging emotions and body states, and how to practice with them.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center January Metta 2024

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