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Dharma Talks
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2012-10-12 Added Instructions: Day Four 11:42
Larry Yang
Walking Practice and Other Postures, Hand Movement Meditation
Spirit Rock Meditation Center LGBTI&GQ

2012-07-25 Questions and Answers 67:13
Bhante Khippapanno
Right attitude, dangers of sensual desire. How to note during walking meditation.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge July 2012 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2012-07-14 Equanimity in Our Daily Life: Awakening to Our True Nature #1 54:39
Bhante Buddharakkhita
What does it means to be awake from moment to moment? Do you have difficulties in finding balance in your life? Are you centered and grounded in your daily life? We will explore the last two of the seven factors of awakening: Concentration and Equanimity. When mindfulness and concentration practice gains momentum, we will begin to find balance in our daily life. Equanimity will organically arise and serve as a supporting factor on the path to inner-peace, true happiness and final awakening. The day will include mindfulness of walking, sitting, standing, discussion group, guided meditation instructions, question and answer session, and Dhamma talks.
New York Insight Meditation Center NYI Regular Talks

2012-07-02 Instructions on Sitting and Walking Meditation 52:43
Catherine McGee
This recording also includes Kirsten Kratz
Gaia House Lovingkindness and Insight Meditation

2012-06-30 Walking as Spiritual Practice 52:06
Anushka Fernandopulle
Encouragement about walking meditation as an important aspect of spiritual practice, life, pilgrimage and social change.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Annual People of Color Retreat: Deepening Your Dharma

2012-06-30 Instructions on Loving Kindness, Guided Meditation, Walking Meditation Instructions 46:49
Yanai Postelnik
This recording also includes Catherine McGee
Gaia House Lovingkindness and Insight Meditation

2012-06-02 Additional Meditation Instructions 58:30
Sayadaw Vivekananda
Detailed meditation instructions regarding sitting, walking practice, general activities, instructions and interviews.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge June 2012 at IMS - Forest Refuge

2012-04-28 SatAM-Meditation-and-Walking-Instructions 50:21
Pat Coffey
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2012 IMCW Spring Retreat: Intimacy with Life

2012-03-06 Take the First Step 58:06
Larry Yang
On walking meditation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Retreat, March Month Long

2012-02-11 Mindfulness Sitting And Walking Meditation Instructions 67:55
Mark Coleman
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Metta: Lovingkindness Retreat

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