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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
2023-02-04 Being Consistently Kind (Part 2) 44:59
Ayya Santussika
This Q&A session was offered on February 4, 2023 for a daylong retreat held at Wat Buddhanusorn.
Karuna Buddhist Vihara

2023-02-04 Day 2, Module I: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness, Mindfulness of the Body 1:45:44
Howard Cohn
2-hour practice period ('module'); includes instruction and guided and silent practice. One of four modules each day on the daily retreat theme, with Howard Cohn, Leslie Booker or Genevieve Tregor.
One World Mindfulness :  The Four Foundations of Mindfulness - February Retreat 2023

2023-02-02 01 talk: overview of the ten pāramī 29:22
Jill Shepherd
An introduction to the ten pāramī, skilful qualities of heart and mind that help us to navigate life's challenges, and ways to cultivate these in daily life
Auckland Insight Meditation Auckland Insight weekly talks 2023

2023-02-01 Week 4, Part 2 40:26
Juha Penttilä
Guided Meditation - Dukkha 2
Gaia House The Path of Letting Go

2023-02-01 Wise Effort: Finding Balance and Inclining toward the Wholesome (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:44
James Baraz
Two aspects of Wise Effort are explored: 1) how do we know if we're doing too little, too much or just enough with regard to effort in practice? and 2) the four aspects of wise efforts are discussed with particular emphasis on the importance of cultivating and increasing wholesome states.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation One Month Retreat

2023-02-01 Meditation: Opening to the River of Aliveness 17:52
Tara Brach
This meditation guides us to awaken to sensation using the image of a smile and scanning through the body. We then open to sound and to the entire changing flow of experience. When we connect with the changing flow of sensations, feelings and sounds, we also discover the formless awareness that is our Source… and home.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2023-02-01 How to Stop the War Against Yourself – A conversation with Tara Brach & Dan Harris 1:12:04
Tara Brach
It’s possible to actually be addicted to self-criticism, especially as a way to keep yourself safe. But evidence shows that rather than safety, this pervasive habit in our society creates deep suffering. This conversation between Tara and Dan Harris dives into strategies to deal with your own self-hatred and cultivate a forgiving heart. (Note: This was initially created as an episode for 10% Happier Podcast)
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2023-02-01 Dharma Talk - Mettā and Insight 49:13
Zohar Lavie
Gaia House Mettā and Insight

2023-02-01 Week 4, Part 1 47:23
Juha Penttilä
Settling Meditation; Talk - Exploring Dhukka and Allowing
Gaia House The Path of Letting Go

2023-02-01 Guided Meditation 40:25
Nathan Glyde
Mettā to phenomena.
Gaia House Mettā and Insight

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