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Dharma Talks
2024-05-23 Walking the Buddha's Path: Taking Refuge in a Human Teacher 34:51
Gregory Kramer
Offered May 23, 2024 Gregory Kramer invites the Insight Dialogue Community to celebrate Vesak together. Vesak day is a celebration and recognition of the Buddha’s birth, awakening and death. It usually occurs on the first full moon of May. A common intention set on this day is a recommitment to Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha. This is a day to remember the Buddha's legacy and celebrate our potential for progress on the path to liberation, just as Gotama did before his awakening. In this talk, Gregory offers the following contemplations: Do you sense your own humanity? your own potential our own vulnerability? Does your own humanity connect you to the Buddha? and inspire you?
Insight Dialogue Community

2024-05-23 Instructions & Guided Practice - Choosing a Base Practice & Reminders for Working with Hindrances 41:32
Sari Markkanen
Gaia House Calm and Contented Heart - A Samadhi Retreat

2024-05-23 Guided meditation on impermanence. 14:23
Caroline Jones
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge May 2024

2024-05-23 Thursday is Wesak! Thursday is Wesak! Honoring the Life and Teaching of the Buddha 49:51
James Baraz
This Thursday, May 23rd is Wesak, the most special day in Theravada Buddhist countries (Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka). The full moon in May is said to be the day that the Buddha was born, became enlightened at the age of 35 and died at the age of 80. The three holiest of days all rolled into one! On this Wesak, we can reflect on who this person was, what he discovered on his journey and the legacy he's left us.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2024-05-22 Sense Yourself as a Fully Networked Organism! 22:18
Ayya Santacitta
Short Reflection & Guided Meditation | Earthworm Practice for the Anthropocene II | Online Wednesday-Mornings
Aloka Earth Room

2024-05-22 Meditation: Reconnecting to Silence and Presence 19:01
Tara Brach
Only in silence and presence do we realign with what matters to our hearts. This simple practice of arriving in an embodied awareness supports us in touching the grounds of true transformation and healing. It closes with a powerful poem by Gunilla Norris, “Sharing Silence.”
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2024-05-22 Three Blessings in Spiritual Life – Part 2: Inner Fire 47:42
Tara Brach
This 3-part series explores three capacities we all have, that when cultivated, bring spiritual awakening and serve the healing of our world. Drawing on an ancient teaching story from India, we explore together the power of a forgiving heart, the inner fire that expresses as courage and dedication, and the inquiry of “who am I” that reveals our deepest nature.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2024-05-22 Talk - Working with Hindrances in Samadhi Practice 34:54
Sari Markkanen
Gaia House Calm and Contented Heart - A Samadhi Retreat

2024-05-22 Engaged Buddhism: instigating systemic changes 31:30
JD Doyle
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Spirit Rock - Rainbow Sangha

2024-05-22 Short Talk & Guided Practice - Mettā as a Basis for Samadhi 39:55
Yahel Avigur
Gaia House Calm and Contented Heart - A Samadhi Retreat

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