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Dharma Talks
2021-07-28 Writing and Haiku as Spiritual Practice: Tara interviews Natalie Goldberg 60:09
Tara Brach
Natalie Goldberg has inspired an entire generation to experience writing as a practice that can awaken our hearts and minds. In this interview Natalie gives guiding tips on approaching writing and, drawing on stories and verses from her beautiful recent book, “Three Simple Lines,” helps us feel the power and depth of haiku.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2021-07-28 Dharma Talk - Coming to Life on the Meditation Seat and in the World 52:44
Zohar Lavie
Gaia House Coming to Life: Waking up to Intimacy with Existence

2021-07-29 Upright Mind, Upright Body 46:18
Ajahn Sucitto
Bring attention to where body and mind come together in the upright. Upright is not just anatomical, but energetic – where you feel balanced, poised, wakeful. Relax the stress in body and mind with the calming effects of breathing. As mental and bodily energies gather and steady around the center, citta can rest here, and begin to experience its collectedness.
Cittaviveka Cittaviveka 2021 Rains Retreat - Opening Group Practice

2021-07-29 Guided Meditation, Teachings (Closing Session) 49:40
Nathan Glyde
Keeping the Retreat Alive
Gaia House Coming to Life: Waking up to Intimacy with Existence

2021-07-29 Different Lenses, Different Realities 46:36
James Baraz
When people ask, "How are you?" it depends on what lens we're looking at life through. The personal lens evokes a very different response than the societal one. This talk explores how we can hold different realities in our minds and hearts at the same time. Also the compassion that comes from understanding that each person has their own reality that makes sense to them.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2021-07-29 talk: Wise Mindfulness or sati 30:59
Jill Shepherd
Short talk on what makes mindfulness Right or Wise, then a group guided meditation/contemplation exploring different aspects of sati, based on questions from Gregory Kramer's book A Whole-Life Path
Auckland Insight Meditation Living a life of mutual benefit: Exploring the Noble Eightfold Path

2021-07-30 A Breath of Kindness to the Kammic Field 41:40
Ajahn Sucitto
Kamma is a feedback loop of actions and results, out of which comes the experience of ‘me’. We use meditation to step out of the scenarios, recognize the process and change the patterns. Once you see it, you get the meaning – ‘a suffering being’– and the response is sympathy. Use the energy of breathing to calm and clear afflictive states, replacing them with healing.
Cittaviveka Cittaviveka 2021 Rains Retreat - Opening Group Practice

2021-07-30 Calm meditation and body scan, Dhamma talk 1:24:25
Bhante Sujato, Bhante Akāliko
Calm meditation / body scan led by Bhante Akāliko; Dhamma talk by Bhante Sujato on how the Buddha's concept of impermanence relates to concepts in science, e.g. the speed of light. Upcoming bhikkhuni ordination in Australia!
Lokanta Vihara

2021-07-31 Skilful Signs Skilful Absorption 39:07
Ajahn Sucitto
By its nature, mind is absorptive. In skilful cultivation we steer that towards internal qualities of contentment, unity, release. This is how we are gladdened – the nervous system steadies and cools, body gets happy, mind composes itself, then you begin to see things clearly – what’s causing the distortions, stress and struggle, and you stop doing it, stop throwing your heart away to your obsessions. Settle into the goodness, drink it in. Wisdom arises from here.
Cittaviveka Cittaviveka 2021 Rains Retreat - Opening Group Practice

2021-07-31 Q&A - How is body contemplation important for meditation? 8:52
Ayya Santussika
Karuna Buddhist Vihara

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