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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
2004-11-20 Opening To The Depths Of Being 39:41
Jose Reissig
How do we access the space where we can be free? And, how do we abide in that space?
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties

2004-11-19 The Meditative Perspective, Language and Listening 53:51
Norman Fischer

2004-11-19 Awakening to Ourselves 57:34
Ayya Jitindriya
Amaravati Monastery

2004-11-19 The Power Of Mindfulness 53:50
James Baraz
This talk was given at the Lawyer's Retreat. It focused on a description of four characteristics of mindfulness - seeing things clearly, permanence, being present and watching the judging mind.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2004-11-19 Fabricating Reality 43:17
Jose Reissig
We get easily hooked by the media, both in the marketing and the political arenas, because of their clever appeal to our I-making and our us-making tendencies. As we become aware of this we realize that we need not fall for this.
Dominican Sisters center at Saugerties

2004-11-17 Slowing Down 50:40
Donald Rothberg
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2004-11-17 17. Metta Chanting 3:20
Ariya B. Baumann
Perth, Australia :  Retreat with Ariya Baumann

2004-11-16 Guided Compassion Meditation 29:52
Sharon Salzberg
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2004-11-16 16. Atanatiya Paritta Gatha 1:04
Ariya B. Baumann
Perth, Australia :  Retreat with Ariya Baumann

2004-11-15 Seven Factors Of Enlightenment 53:10
Jack Kornfield
Tasting the freedom of reconnecting with the openness and luminosity of mind that is our true nature.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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