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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1987-08-02 Grace 46:24
Christina Feldman
understanding grace--that spontaneous and profound moment that holds all moments
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1987-07-18 Reflections On The Buddha's Fire Sermon - part II 66:47
Larry Rosenberg
developing an understanding of impermanence, cause and effect, and suffering to ease our level of attachment

1987-07-16 Reflections On The Buddha's Fire Sermon - part I 59:46
Larry Rosenberg
exploring attachment--the pain of it and the relief of letting go

1987-07-14 Refining Attention With Guided Breath Meditation 52:47
Larry Rosenberg

1987-07-12 Closing Talk 33:31
Larry Rosenberg

1987-07-10 Opening Talk with Instructions 65:44
Larry Rosenberg

1987-06-22 Closing Talk 67:48
Joseph Goldstein
beginning to live the dharma in one's daily life; supporting the continuation of right effort

1987-06-21 The Foundation of Practice 53:34
Sharon Salzberg

1987-06-20 The Nature of Compassion 53:05
Joseph Goldstein

1987-06-19 The Middle Way 55:31
Sharon Salzberg

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