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Dharma Talks
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2023-01-31 Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation (Week 4) - Guided Meditation 31:35
Mark Nunberg
Mindfulness meditation leads to insight into the nature of our hearts and minds, revealing an inherent clarity, openness, and ease. This course includes exploration of the intention behind practice, an introduction to insight (vipassana) meditation techniques, instructions for working with common obstacles, an overview of the practice of lovingkindness, and a discussion on how mindfulness can be part of one’s daily life. Led by Mark Nunberg. Mark Nunberg began his practice in 1982 and has been teaching meditation since 1990. He co-founded Common Ground Meditation Center in Minneapolis in 1993 with Wynn Fricke and continues to serve as the center’s Guiding Teacher. Mark has studied with both Asian and Western teachers and finds deep inspiration in the teachings of the Buddha. Mark practiced as a monk for five months in Burma and completed four three-month retreats at Insight Meditation Society Retreat Center, as well as many months of intensive retreat practice at The Forest Refuge. Mark continues to be a grateful student of Buddhist practice. Common Ground offers all programs freely in the spirit of generosity. If you'd like to volunteer or donate to support the teacher(s) and the center, visit
Common Ground Meditation Center Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

2023-01-29 Vertical Dharma and The Four Reflections 42:33
Amita Schmidt
This talk explains the difference between horizontal verses vertical dharma practice. The talk also explores "The Four Reflections," or lojong teachings to inspire your sitting and daily life practice. These include reflections on precious human birth, impermanence/death, suffering, and karma.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio

2023-01-02 Questions and Answers about Home Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 65:28
Devon Hase, Tuere Sala
Tuere and Devon answered questions about going home and practicing in daily life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat

2022-12-24 Working with Thinking as a "Part" 13:16
Amita Schmidt
Thinking itself is actually just a part, a protector part, and this meditation will help you have compassion for this part. The meditation will also give you insight into your thinking and what it's true purpose is. Knowing this will help you on the meditation cushion and in your daily life practice.
Clintonville Sangha Ohio

2022-10-21 Guided mettā meditation, Dhamma talk on dependent origination 1:21:42
Bhante Sujato
Guided mettā meditation to develop positive emotions, directed towards self and all beings. Dhamma talk on dependent origination in simple terms. Dependent origination answers the question: How does rebirth happen without a soul? We are neither completely fixed or completely fluid in how we are - we are conditioned; a continuity that connects past, present, and future. The Buddha’s great insight was that everything is conditioned. Daily life, high states of meditation, rebirth, and all kinds of experiences all follow the same processes. Ignorance and craving are the drivers of these processes.
Lokanta Vihara

2022-10-20 Q & A 66:53
Ajahn Sucitto
Q1 OO:04 Does kamma in its wider implication presume the concept of rebirth? Q2 17:09 Doesn’t the need for goal orientedness in life work against practice? Q3 21:34 During meditation can I approach a personal issue that requires attention? Q4 26:17 Is it possible to be fully present with an open heart? Could you explain that please? Q5 29:35 Does slow mean mindful? Isn’t it intention that’s important? Q6 33:58 Could you talk more about annata and self please? Q7 20:14 Q8 Why does standing meditation seem more effective than sitting? Is there a time or situation where standing is recommended over other postures? Q9 43:58 How can I give back living more than I take living in Switzerland? Q10 45:22 In developing samadhi, is it possible to have periods where we have to refocus more on bodily sensations and drop the external? Q11 48:19 How can we reflect on God and Christ in dhamma practice? Q12 51:09 Restlessness is my most frequent hindrance. How do I deal with it? Q13 52:19 I contemplate death daily and often get a heavy heart about being separated from my two children. How can I come to peace with that? Q14 57:38 Could you do a brief summary of your top five wisdoms? Q15 1:03:52 If QiGong is so relaxing and low energy why do I sweat?
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg Love is the Breath of Life

2022-10-16 Q & A 1:11:30
Ajahn Sucitto
01:25 Can you clarify what you said about agitation over sound and shifting it to get to the displeasure. How do you dissolve the person who is angry?; 18:54 I experience a lot of pain and have a hard time relaxing in daily life; 23:16 I have a hard time softening my eyes in daily busy life; 26:28 What is the difference between citta, mind and consciousness? What moves between life and life?; 38:37 What is pure awareness?; 40:22 Regarding energy, can you say more about how to handle physical blockages and constrictions in the body? What is the place of energy management? Is that on the path to wisdom?; 50:26 I feel trapped in my head. I can’t feel the breathing; 51:34 Restraint of the senses; 54:03 How can I handle deliberate aggression towards me?; 56:37 What’s the difference between citta and dhamma?; 57:50 What is jhana?;
Meditationszentrum Beatenberg Love is the Breath of Life

2022-08-21 Balancing energy on the path 45:17
Devon Hase
Stories, reflections, and images, to support wise effort and balanced energy in retreat and in daily life
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Your Life Is Your Practice: Insight Meditation Retreat

2022-07-20 Developing Equanimity in Meditation and Daily Life 56:14
Donald Rothberg
Equanimity is a balance and non-reactivity, and a connection to an inner freedom, with whatever is happening. It is a quality deeply needed both in meditation and in daily life, particularly in our challenging times. We explore equanimity first by seeing how it manifests in the lives of some of the most beloved humans who have lived, and then by identifying seven core qualities of equanimity. We identify as well some main ways of practicing to cultivate equanimity, and some of the challenges of such practices. We end with a discussion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2022-06-17 Transition Talk: Keeping the Retreat Alive, Practising in Daily Life, Resources, and Further Ways to Be Engaged 49:07
Zohar Lavie, Nathan Glyde
Includes, at the end, more info about Nirodha Insight Medittaion in Finland from one of the retreat managers: see for more. For more about Nathan and Zohar, visit
Nirodha Insight Meditation in Finland In Our Best Interests

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