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Dharma Talks
2023-03-17 Guided Meditation: Abiding in Space (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:27
Phillip Moffitt
A guided meditation utilizing the naturally arising, felt-sense approach to abiding in space. Directly experiencing the fifth element through a gradual process.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation One Month Retreat

2023-03-16 talk: pāramī of wisdom 26:35
Jill Shepherd
How wisdom supports all the other pāramī, and how it can be cultivated on different levels, corresponding with the head, heart, and gut
Auckland Insight Meditation Auckland Insight weekly talks 2023

2023-03-16 Cultivating the Paramis from the Perspective of Wisdom (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:25
Phillip Moffitt
A talk on the 3 Group approach to the Paramis from the perspective of wisdom. The first group provides a protective base for meditation practice, the second group encourages a dynamic vigor, the third group enhances mind and heart for meditation practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation One Month Retreat

2023-03-16 Heilsame Absichten durch rechtes Bemühen und Sila entfalten 49:25
Renate Seifarth
Die Bedeutung heilsame Absichten zu entwickeln, ist groß. Sie spiegelt sich an mehreren Stellen des 8-fachen Pfades mit klaren Aussagen, was es zu entwickeln gilt. Wichtig ist, wie wir sie entwickeln, mit welcher Haltung wir an die Übung gehen. Hier besteht auch eine Verknüpfung zur Lehre von Karma und den ethischen Verhaltensrichtlinien.
Seminarhaus Engl :  3-Wochen Vipassana und Metta

2023-03-16 Guided Meditation on Deepening, Quieting, and Equanimity (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:12
Dana DePalma
A guided meditation emphasizing deepening, quieting, grounding, letting ourselves be held by nature, and shifting to a deeper and wiser perspective in support of equanimity, a balanced heart-mind. It includes a poem by Mary Oliver, "Swimming, One Day in August."
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation One Month Retreat

2023-03-15 16 pasos de atención a la respiración 50:21
Ayya Dhammadīpā
Anapanasati para los hispanohablantes
Dassanāya Buddhist Community

2023-03-15 Where to Now? Mindfulness in the Apocalypse 56:52
Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

2023-03-15 Compassion for All Living Beings 1:28:53
Tara Brach
We often talk of widening the circles of compassion. This talk explores the qualities of mature compassion, what blocks us from this embodied and inclusive caring, and how each of us can awaken a heart that responds to our world’s suffering. This event was live-streamed and includes a talk, several guided reflections, and a Q&A session.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2023-03-15 Meditation: Say “Yes” to Life 11:49
Tara Brach
This guided practice awakens a relaxed and friendly attention that rests in the breath and opens to whatever is arising. We deepen that presence with the intention to truly say “Yes” to experience, allowing life to be just as it is.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2023-03-15 Eddie Would Go 43:07
Devon Hase
Reflections on Compassion, including stories from practicing in Hawai'i and in Bodhgaya with the 17th Karmapa.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge March, 2023

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