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Dharma Talks
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2020-12-17 Dissolving the Boundary between Retreat and Daily Life 39:58
Nathan Glyde
Transition talk for the closing of the retreat. Questioning what is the Dharma teaching (for) us, what is our goal, our path, our understanding of ethics, sangha…and expressing the idea of an ever-expanding Dharma.
Gaia House Mettā and Insight

2020-12-10 Gregory Kramer on his book “A Whole Life Path" a fresh exploration of the 8-Fold Path. 63:42
James Baraz
Many lay Buddhists struggle to carry the benefits of their studies and meditation practice into their twenty-first-century lives. How might our daily experience of both life and the Buddha’s teachings shift if there were no separation between them? Gregory speaks about the realistic and comprehensive vision that arises when we ask this question: If every moment of my life is Path, then what does each path factor need to cover for this to be true in a grounded, practical way?
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2020-10-31 Dhamma Stream GM – Recollection of Uposatha 15:06
Ajahn Sucitto
Uposatha days are times in the Buddhist calendar established for people to step back from daily chores and reflect upon the broader meaning of life, whether they’re living in harmony with the cosmos. Recollect our uniquely human potential to bring forth virtue, lovingkindness and wisdom into this world.
Cittaviveka At Home with the Homeless: Ajahn Sucitto Locked Down

2020-10-25 Coming out of detail 30:39
Ajahn Sucitto
Making the shift from the activities of daily life into something much quieter, we learn to recognize and encourage the qualities of citta – knowingness, sensitivity, resonance. Smooth out the wrinkles of details that catch our attention and sustain a wide, open focus that includes the range of circumstances and emotions that arise. This is a blessing and a refuge, our true home.
Teach na Tuisceana :  Teach na Tuisceana Weekend Retreat (*pronounced Tjuck na Tooshana)

2020-10-10 Concluding Remarks – Continuity of Practice 3:39
Ajahn Sucitto
Where things fall apart is where the connections break, when we spin off into our distracted thinking and proliferating thoughts. Spend time lingering in the heart sense, staying connected and present with that. Stay with the body in daily activities, taking regular pause moments.
London Insight Meditation Finding and Using the Missing Piece

2020-09-16 The Four Remembrances 50:42
Tara Brach
When we attune to the reality of impermanence and death, we remember what most matters to us. But in daily life we can lose precious swaths of time in a reactive trance, on our way somewhere else, and lost in problem solving, judgment and worry. This talk reflects on four remembrances or practices—Pausing, Yes to life, Turning toward love, and Resting in awareness—that help us awaken from trance and live true to the loving presence that is our essence.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC

2020-09-06 Practicing Dukkha and the End of Dukkha in a Time of Crisis 67:21
Donald Rothberg
The Buddha said, “I have taught dukkha [usually translated as “suffering”] and the end of dukkha.” This teaching is the heart of our practice, yet it is often misunderstood or even confusing to people, primarily because there are at least four different understandings of dukkha in the teachings. We’ll explore the nature of the teaching, emphasizing particularly the interpretation of dukkha as "reactivity" (particularly linked to the teaching of the Two Arrows or Two Darts), which comes in two forms--grasping or greed, and compulsive pushing away or aversion. We'll point to how we might practice with the teaching at this time of crisis--in our formal practice, in our practice in daily life, and in our work, service, and/or activism.
White Heron Sangha

2020-08-19 Deepening Our Practice in the Pandemic 4: The Foundations of Wise Speech 1: Cultivating Empathy 66:30
Donald Rothberg
We start with a brief review of the three previous talks on deepening practice during the pandemic (and other crises), including clarifying three broad areas of practice: Formal meditation practice, daily life practice, and work, service, and/or activism as practice. In this session, we explore the foundations of Wise Speech as practice, mentioning three foundations. The first two include (1) the ethical guidelines given by the Buddha regarding skillful speech, and (2) developing presence and mindfulness during speech (including listening). We focus most of the time on the third foundation of cultivating empathic connection with another, clarifying the difference between empathy and compassion, giving some of the findings of studies in neuroscience about empathy, and examining what blocks empathy. We then work with a simple (yet powerful) empathy practice of tuning into (1) emotions, and (2) what matters, and move into a period of discussion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2020-07-29 Deepening Our Daily Life Practice in the Pandemic 3 66:09
Donald Rothberg
After a brief review of what we've explored in the last two sessions, in terms of ways of deepening daily life practice in terms of formal practice, informal practice, and one's work, service, and/or activism, we go more deeply into two areas. We look at how to practice with exploring and seeing intentions, and some ways to make connections between formal and informal practice--in the flow of daily life. The talk has a few references to the life of Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights activist and Congressperson, who died on July 17, 2020, and is followed by discussion..
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2020-07-25 05 talk: the role of pleasant experience in formal and informal practice 16:25
Jill Shepherd
Some common unhelpful attitudes to pleasant experiences in meditation and daily life practice, and suggestions for how to develop a more skilful relationship to them
Auckland Insight Meditation Balancing Effort and Enjoyment

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