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Martine Batchelor's Dharma Talks
Martine Batchelor
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2015-05-30 Creativity without Grasping PM 1:55:22
During this daylong we will examine the process of grasping and its amplifying/exaggerating effects and how meditation can help us to de-grasp and release our holding thus allowing for creative engagement and a creative response. We will have the opportunity to practice mindfulness meditation (sitting and walking) to develop our potential for letting go. We will also explore the different ways we can meditate.
New York Insight Meditation Center
2015-05-29 Mindfulness of Feeling Tone 1:21:39
During this talk I would like to explore mindfulness of the feeling tones (vedena), which is the second foundation of the practice of mindulness. First I will try to present the different aspects of mindfulness. Secondly I will try to define feeling tones and thirdly how to be mindful of them. The Pali term vedana refers to the affective tone of experience. When we come into contact through one of our six senses with the environment, we experience a pleasant, unpleasant or neither pleasant nor unpleasant feeling tone. It is important to see that feeling tones are constructed, they are not a given, they do not reside in the object we come in contact with. It is vital to be aware of feeling tones as they arise extremely fast and have a profound impact on our behavior.
New York Insight Meditation Center
2015-04-23 Ethics and Meditative Experiences 59:47
Exploring the bodhisattva precepts, the goals of practice and meditative experiences and awakening.
Gaia House Son Retreat
2015-04-22 Instructions - Balancing Quietness and Clarity; Listening Meditation 41:38
Looking at the two aspects of meditation: anchoring and experiential inquiry. Listening meditation instructions
Gaia House Son Retreat
2015-04-21 Emptiness or Emptying 59:34
Looking at the 3 aspects of emptiness: not-self, conditionality and interconnection
Gaia House Son Retreat
2015-04-20 Instructions - Great Questioning and Effortless Effort 34:27
The two ways to look at doubt in meditation practice, questioning 'What is this?' while cultivating effortless effort.
Gaia House Son Retreat
2015-04-19 The Four Vows in a Modern Context 45:18
What does it means 'to save all beings', remove all obstacles and attain the way nowadays?
Gaia House Son Retreat
2015-02-27 Mindfulness of Feeling Tones and Four Stages of Letting Go in Daily Life 57:37
Gaia House Meditation and Mindfulness in Daily Life
2015-02-25 The Heart of Meditation 61:38
Cultivating anchoring and experiential inquiry
Gaia House Meditation and Mindfulness in Daily Life
2014-07-26 Appreciation 54:53
Exploring altruistic joy and wise speech in daily life.
Gaia House Study Retreat - A Secular Buddhist Retreat

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