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Anagarika Munindra's Dharma Talks
Anagarika Munindra
Anagarika Munindra (1915–2003) was a Bengali Buddhist master and scholar who became one of the most important Vipassana meditation teachers of the twentieth century. Unassuming, genuine, and always encouraging, Munindra embodied the Buddhist teachings, exemplifying mindfulness in everything he did.
1983-04-28 Cleansing 1:12:52
1983-04-24 Freedom From the Known 1:19:14
mun17, recorded with remote mike
1983-04-21 Closing Blessings 19:42
1983-04-18 Four Noble Truths 1:10:16
1983-04-16 Feeling 1:13:30
1983-04-07 Loving Kindness Meditation 1:15:19
Maui, Hi
1983-04-07 The Direct Path 1:16:21
Maui, Hi
1983-04-06 Morning Instruction 1:33:20
Maui, Hi
1983-04-06 Body Dissection Meditation - Part 2 28:42
mun25.02, on the back of am27
Maui, Hi
1983-04-06 Body Dissection Meditation - Part 1 15:27
mun25.01, on the back of mun25
Maui, Hi

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