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Anagarika Munindra's Dharma Talks
Anagarika Munindra
Anagarika Munindra (1915–2003) was a Bengali Buddhist master and scholar who became one of the most important Vipassana meditation teachers of the twentieth century. Unassuming, genuine, and always encouraging, Munindra embodied the Buddhist teachings, exemplifying mindfulness in everything he did.
1977-06-20 Interview with Mark and Shaun 1:20:09
Munindra tape 35
Stillpoint Institute
1977-06-20 Evening Talk and Personal Interviews 1:32:06
Munindra tape 36
Stillpoint Institute
1977-06-19 Anger and Resentment, Questions and Answers, Non Clinging, Fear 1:30:59
with Sujata, Munindra tape 33
Stillpoint Institute
1977-06-17 The Buddha Visualization Meditation, Feelings and Perceptions 1:18:18
1977-06-15 Stages of Insight 1:17:15
Stillpoint Institute
1977-06-15 Experiences of Insight 1:11:54
From Begin to See ( collection, #103.
1977-06-11 At Nyingma Institute 48:29
with Sujata, date estimated, Munindra tape 45
1977-06-10 Munindra Ji's Talk 1:16:46
Given in Golden Gate Park on June 10, 1977. With Sujata.
1977-06-10 Morning Talk with Sara and Millie 32:47
Stillpoint Institute
1977-06-09 Five Benefits of Walking Meditation, Restlessness, Sleepiness 1:30:08
Munindra tape 12

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