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The greatest gift is the
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Steve Armstrong's Dharma Talks
Steve Armstrong
My biding motivation for the practice of teaching is to share my interest, my understanding and my confidence in the Buddha's way for a balanced and deeply happy life. Given the pace of our culture and the direction in which it is going, mindfulness is essential to sanity. Since my first vipassana retreat in 1975, I've experienced the wisdom of sanity, peace and freedom.
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2001-11-03 Renunciation Paramis 53:26
There are some things in life we can do without. By understanding the power, practice and wisdom of renunciation, we discover the joy of simplicity and letting go.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
2001-08-29 Paramis Series #7: Truthfulness 53:27
Speaking and acting with integrity supports social harmony, tranquillity of mind and awakening of wisdom.
Maui, Hi
2001-08-28 Guided Meditation: Nature Of Mind 35:23
A guided journey that explores Mind and encourages a tranquil and spacious mind.
Maui, Hi
2001-08-27 Paramis Series #4: Wisdom 63:45
The title says it all.
Maui, Hi
2001-08-26 Growing Confidence in the Dharma 59:24
Maui, Hi
2001-08-26 Kamma 59:50
The law of Kamma is an articulation of what has been observed as the mind unfolds. It offers a lesson from the past and an opportunity for the future.
Maui, Hi
2001-08-20 Paramis Series #3: Renunciation 59:09
Abandonment, conservation, growing up, restraint and understanding help disentangle the mind from the source of suffering.
Maui, Hi
2001-08-14 Rambling about Mindfulness 59:37
Maui, Hi
2001-08-12 Paramis Series #2: Morality 54:13
Respect, modesty, conscience are all the protectors of social harmony.
Maui, Hi
2001-08-11 The Four Noble Truths 54:46
This talk offers core teachings from the Buddhist tradition. The Four Noble Truths express the Buddha's realizations of essential truths of life. These important points on suffering and the end of suffering are illuminated, as well as how we can apply them in practice.

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