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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Sylvia Boorstein's Dharma Talks
Sylvia Boorstein
My greatest joy is giving the gift of love and hope through the dharma, knowing it is possible for humans to transform their hearts. These dharma gifts include paying attention, practicing clarity and kindness and addressing the suffering of the world--which, of course, includes ourselves.
2001-02-07 Untying The Knots 60:18
Referencing her own experiences, Sylvia explores the stories we make up for ourselves to substantiate or justify certain views (opinions) that we hold about things -- some to the point of making them into "truths." After considering the possible origins of these views, Sylvia exposes the profound suffering caused by holding these views and the stories around them. Taking it a step further, she wonders: What is the relationship between hope and opinion? Is it wrong to hope or is it part of the nature of the human organism? Perhaps, she concludes, it is the solidified view we hold around a hope that causes suffering.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2001-01-24 Thoughts on Renunciation 45:08
2001-01-24 Thoughts on Renunciation 44:55
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-01-21 Metta 2 50:14
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-01-03 Spirit Matters 61:09
with Michael Lerner
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-01-02 Metta 1 46:42
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-12-20 I Talk To My Friends 56:42
A talk about faith. This journey is a feasible one despite it being difficult. Sylvia discusses the problem of wobbly mind and how bewilderment and fatigue can lead to doubt. Talking to our friends holds us up in difficult times.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2000-11-29 Music and the River of Loss 1:48:13
with Edie
2000-11-29 Untying Knot 66:35
2000-11-29 Music and The River of Loss 49:39
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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