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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Sylvia Boorstein's Dharma Talks
Sylvia Boorstein
My greatest joy is giving the gift of love and hope through the dharma, knowing it is possible for humans to transform their hearts. These dharma gifts include paying attention, practicing clarity and kindness and addressing the suffering of the world--which, of course, includes ourselves.
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1996-02-11 Right Effort: Strive On With Diligence 60:46
Understanding the possibilities and potentials of practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
In collection: Right Effort
1996-02-07 Lovingkindness: The Natural State Of The Heart 62:45
ORIG POOR QUALITY Resting in the open loving heart.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
In collection: Force Of Metta
1996-02-04 Dog In The Road - Hindrances And Their Antidotes 62:23
Learning to explore the difficult terrain within.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1995-11-28 Faith And Confidence 53:55
Life may be incomprehensible, but it is embraceable.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1995-11-23 Buddha Soup 42:54
Remembering our capacities: a recipe for living.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1995-11-06 What Keeps Us Awake And Happy with Jack Kornfield 61:17
Moving gracefully in the midst of life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1995-10-07 Equanimity 58:57
Acquiring a balanced and wholesome response to the moment.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1995-07-28 Life As Practice 56:54
Viewing the Dharma as the "nuts and bolts" of our lives.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1995-06-12 Kindness 57:53
Kindness is the essence of wisdom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1995-04-17 Making Compassion Real 57:32
Renewing our innate capacity for making wise and wholesome choices.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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