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Martin Aylward's Dharma Talks
Martin Aylward
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2013-05-18 Inhabiting the Body of Life 49:24
In this talk, Martin explores the ideas and images we hold of Body, the habitual ways we react to bodily experience and body image, and the tendency to relate to body as a thing rather than a process. He guides the listener through the direct experience of body as a fluid, edgeless, inconceivable unfolding, inviting us to more and more inhabit the visceral ground of all experience; the body of life.
Gaia House Right Now It's Like This...
2013-03-09 Defenses Against Spaciousness 50:33
We long for inner space and peace, yet we also defend against it, compulsively filling the open space of consciousness with the endless mental proliferation that gives us our sense of self and world. In this talk Martin explores the 3 major expressions of this inner momentum, showing us ways to recognise, understand, and let go of our demands, defences and distractions, and allowing instead the genuine, wide open spaciousness of our nature.
Gaia House Full Life, Spacious Mind
2013-03-08 Opening Talk for Full Life Spacious Mind Retreat 55:15
Gaia House Full Life, Spacious Mind
2012-06-15 The Art of Inquiry 41:55
This was an off-site Gaia House retreat held at Seale-Hayne, Devon
Gaia House Training the Mind, Freeing the Heart
2012-05-29 Freedom From Clinging: The Experience of the Unlimited Heart 38:48
This talk looks at the way we respond to life when consciousness is not caught in obsessions or reactivity. Martin explores 4 specifically different dimensions of love (Brahma Viharas) and invokes their commonality in dissolving our sense of separateness; beckoning us into an exquisite intimacy with life.
Gaia House Live and Let Go: Unburdening the Heart
2012-05-28 On Clinging to Existence and Non Existence: Freedom From Self and Not-Self 44:14
This talk looks at the inevitability in language of either reifying or negating existence; "It (self) exists" or "it doesn't exist", and how either view is problematic, inviting us in the living immediacy of life, to discover the middle way beyond existing or not-existing.
Gaia House Live and Let Go: Unburdening the Heart
2012-05-27 On Clinging to Thoughts: About the World, About Others, About Self 45:50
Martin explores how our various views condition our experience, and keep us locked into viewing and reacting to life in all too familiar ways. We look at the way our views limit our experience of who we are, and how investigating those views can lead us into a more ambiguous, and more liberated sense of our participation in life.
Gaia House Live and Let Go: Unburdening the Heart
2012-05-26 On Wanting: Demands, Defences and Distractions 47:20
Martin explores the mechanism of wanting, the felt sense of different types of desire, and 3 ways of contemplating wanting in order to understand it more fully, and to free our relationship with desire.
Gaia House Live and Let Go: Unburdening the Heart
2012-05-25 Letting Go - Three Practices for Heart, Body and Mind 29:59
Anupadana, meaning non-clinging (often translated as letting go), is the very essence of Dharma practice. This introductory talk looks at the specifics of cultivating a non-clinging attitude with respect our physical, emotional, and mental experience.
Gaia House Live and Let Go: Unburdening the Heart
2012-02-25 Happiness - Beyond Differentiation 49:46
However we describe our practice, we are longing for happiness and ease. This talk explores how we get in our own way with that, pursuing ideas of happiness while missing something fundamental about our very existence which can bring us back into the freedom of being which beckons us. Like the Sufi poet Hafiz says, "Ever since Happiness first heard your name, it has been running through the streets crying out to you."
Gaia House Loving What Is

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