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Heather Sundberg's Dharma Talks
Heather Sundberg
Heather Sundberg has taught insight meditation since 1999 and completed the Spirit Rock/IMS Teacher Training. Beginning her own meditation practice in her late teens, for the last 25 years, Heather has studied with senior teachers in the Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and Tibetan (Vajrayana) traditions and has sat 1-3 months of retreat a year for almost 20 years. She was the Spirit Rock Family & Teen Program Teacher & Manager for a decade. Between 2010- 2015 she spent a cumulative one-year in study, practice, and pilgrimage in Asia. Since 2011, she has been a Teacher at Mountain Stream Meditation Center and sister communities in the Sierra Foothills, and also teaches nationally, especially at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Her teaching emphasizes embodiment, compassion and practical wisdom.
2015-03-05 Metta for the familiar stranger (neutral person) 34:47
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-05 Mindfulness of the Body 14:43
Includes practices to calm the bodily formation and settle the nervous system.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-04 First Foundation of Mindfulness 61:47
Dedicated in memory of Ruth Denison, the Talk explores traditional and innovative applications of the First Foundation of Mindfulness, including Calming the Bodily Formations and nervous system, the wisdom aspects of mindfulness of the body, and mindfulness in all the postures and activities.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-03-01 Introduction to Loving-Kindness Meditation 35:40
- How metta is a practice of intention and concentration - How to work with metta difficulties and cycles of purification - How to develop authentic metta phrases - Introduction of the metta muses (categories)
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight 1 Month Retreat
2015-02-28 Brahmavihara Feb closing day 40:21
Transitional day Brahmavihara
Spirit Rock Meditation Center February Insight Meditation Retreat
2015-02-19 "Cleaning Up Our Mind, Cleaning Up Our Planet" 57:07
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley IMCB Regular Talks
2015-01-19 The Perfect Gift: On Mindfulness & Metta 58:11
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2015-01-17 Metta Sutta Talk #2: By not holding to fixed views 60:02
Filled with anecdotes, singing and practical advice, this talk covers the second half of the Metta Sutta, including Metta for All Beings, the Difficult Person, How to Cherish Beings By not Holding to Fixed Views
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Metta
2015-01-14 Metta Sutta #1: The Joy of Basic Integrity 64:38
Drawing from various commentaries and translations of the Metta Sutta, the talk explores this important teaching from the perspective of practice and how to live it in our lives. Explores the qualities of Trust, Wise Speech, Humility, Contentment, Peace and Integrity.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Metta
2014-12-22 Coming to Life: Four Noble Truths in Daily Life. 61:17
Practical examples and tools for living these teachings in our lives.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Insight Meditation Solstice Retreat

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