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2013-04-20 Responses to Climate Change: Awareness, Action and Celebration 4:05:21
2013-04-20 (1 day) Spirit Rock Meditation Center
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Responses to Climate Change: Awareness, Action and Celebration
A Talk about the Land 31:28
  Malcolm Margolin
From Me to We 53:12
  James Baraz and Bob Doppelt
Climate and the Dance of Life 46:54
  Paul Hawken
Connecting Inner and Outer Responses to Climate Change 37:37
  Donald Rothberg
At this time of climate disruption, we need powerful responses--integrating more "inner" spiritual practices and principles, on the one hand, with skill in "outer" responses, on the other. This integration or marriage can happen in many ways as we participate in the "great turning"--whether our primary emphasis, to use Joanna Macy's analysis, is stopping further damage from occurring, transforming our institutions, or helping to shift consciousness. Without this integration, however, spiritual practice runs the risk of becoming a kind of middle-class escapism and activism runs the risk of being caught in self-righteousness, attachment to views, demonization of the "enemy," and burnout. We need a new integration! We look at several dharma principles that can be the basis for such an integration, consider briefly how Spirit Rock is responding (and might respond further) to climate issues, and especially look at the figure of the bodhisattva.
Active Hope 49:37
  Joanna Macy
Reflections on the Day 26:30
  Nina Wise
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