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Amita Schmidt's Dharma Talks
Amita Schmidt
Amita Schmidt is a licensed clinical social worker with a focus on trauma and meditation. She was the resident teacher at Insight Meditation Society from 2000-2006. She is the author of "Dipa Ma: The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master." She also has practiced with Adyashanti, a teacher of non-dual awareness.
2022-04-24 Tonglen Meditation 19:32
Tonglen is a guided meditation of Tibetan origin that is a reparative response to pain. It is a meditation that actually helps create connection in the midst of suffering. Tenzin Choedrak, during his time of torture, made a daily dedication, "May some human greatness be accomplished through this suffering."
Clintonville Sangha Ohio
2022-04-21 Collapsing Into the Now 1:40:18
A podcast interview by Todd McLeod where we talk about Adyashanti, the root guru, pure zen, collapsing into the now, THIS IS IT, everything is one thing, dropping the illusion of the individual self, the survival instinct and evolution, you are the infinite, impermanence, and realizing exponential love.
Heart Mind Way
2022-01-09 Awakening Now 51:57
May this be the year for you to Awaken. Strategies, tools, and insights to move towards awakening even in difficult times. This talk is also available via video:
Insight Meditation of Cleveland
2022-01-09 Wise Older Self Meditation (Short Version) 10:55
This is a guided meditation that can help you with concerns about the future. It accesses your Wisdom Self. There is a short version (this one) and a longer version (25 min).
Insight Meditation of Cleveland
2022-01-09 Question and Answers in New Year 2022 Retreat 26:05
Questions about; 1) listening to the dharma 2) how to reset from difficult experiences 3)what exists after we die 4) facing environmental change 5)and using the momentum of the stress of these times to awaken.
Insight Meditation of Cleveland
2022-01-09 Wise Older Self Meditation Longer Version 25:18
If you have concerns about the future this is a meditation to access your Wisdom Self. This is a longer version (25 min) and there is a shorter version available as well (10 min). Many people find this meditation very helpful and do it regularly.
Insight Meditation of Cleveland
2021-10-24 The Fire of Change 55:43
In the fire of change, ways to maintain an awake view and a loving heart.
Tri State Dharma
2021-10-23 Death/Letting Go Meditation 28:47
A progressive meditation on letting go that simulates the death process. Letting go of the senses, emotions, thoughts, and perception. See what remains.
Tri State Dharma
2021-10-22 Stillpoint Meditation 20:25
Finding, and resting in the stillpoint in your body.
Tri State Dharma
2021-10-17 Expansion Meditation 26:30
This meditation will help you know, connect with, and expand your deepest aspiration as a dharma practitioner.
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

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