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Arinna Weisman's Dharma Talks
Arinna Weisman
My teaching practice and my personal practice continually intertwine, each weaving a pattern in the larger tapestry of the Dharma. The theme that threads itself throughout my practice relates to the tremendous pain and suffering, the challenges and difficulties that so many beings face, and the possibility of awakening from this suffering. From this immediate calling I've woven the purpose of my life.
2003-02-09 Patience 39:51
Using experiences as a child growing up in South Africa, as well as experiences in her daily life, Arinna shares how the practice of patience is an essential part of practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2002-08-11 Inspiration For Practice 42:20
Cultivating an open heart for our changing lives.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2001-07-21 Cultivating Joy 47:31
Calling on the quality of joy to manifest in our lives.
Vipassana Montana
2001-06-10 Gateway To Freedom: First Foundation Of Mindfulness 48:55
The essential practice for freedom.
Santa Fe
2001-04-15 The Fierce First Step 35:51
How to practice in our daily lives.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Angela Center)
2000-11-20 Freedom Possible In Every Moment 35:40
Not waiting to find ourselves before opening to the possibility of freedom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-08-07 Greed, Hatred & Delusion As Our Personality Types 47:31
Shining light on ourselves through understanding our personality type.
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center
2000-07-15 Loving Our Imperfections 36:16
There is never cause or reason for anything but love.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2000-04-15 Karma: Trusting This Path Through Difficulties 42:34
During periods of doubt or difficulty, the understanding of karma can become one of our deepest supports.
2000-04-13 The Hindrances 44:58
The possibility of the "highest peace" and the obstacles which cover it.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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