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Tina Rasmussen's Dharma Talks
Tina Rasmussen
The inspiration for my teaching is to help people discover the direct experience of ultimate truth that underlies conventional reality, and then infuse life with an ever-deepening awareness of this mystery as it manifests in our everyday work and relationships. I have practiced meditation since 1976, and have been authorized to teach by Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw of Burma.
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2019-07-06 Concentration Meditation: Purification of Mind (Day 2 of 2) 6:42:26
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2019-07-05 Concentration Meditation: Purification of Mind (Day 1 of 2) 6:30:11
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2019-03-04 Posture Instructions 10:32
Tina Rasmussen provides a 10 minute overview on how to support your meditation practice by setting up your posture at the beginning of each sitting period. Guided instructions are provided to create a supportive posture before you begin meditation.
2019-03-04 Samatha Anapanasati Meditation Instructions 12:48
Tina Rasmussen provides 13 minutes of instruction on the Samatha (concentration and serenity) meditation, in particular the anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) practice. This includes everything that a person needs to know to begin practicing Samatha anapanasati meditation.
2019-01-11 Focused Attention: Meditation for Developing Concentration and Serenity 4:15:58
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2018-10-27 What does 2,500 Years of Buddhist Practice Have to Teach the Modern Non-dual Practitioner? (from the Science and Non-duality Conference) 21:10
2018-10-19 Focused Attention: Meditation for Developing Concentration and Serenity 6:25:54
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2018-07-21 Concentration Meditation: Purification of Mind 6:37:49
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2018-03-16 Italy Interview, Introductory Overview Talk 31:07
This is an Interview conducted in Italy in March 2018, which provides an excellent overview of the teaching and work of Awakening Dharma, and Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder. A transcript of this talk is also available on Dharma seed with the same name.
Various :  Italy 2-week Luminous Mind Retreat
Attached Files:
  • Italy Interview, Introductory Overview (PDF)
2017-01-07 Focused Attention: Meditation for Developing Concentration and Serenity 6:03:23
Practicing focused attention meditation collects the mind stream and “builds the muscle” of concentration, enabling us to turn away from the constant pull of our smartphones, computer screens, games, and entertainment, allowing us to settle into the serenity of our deeper nature. The practice also reveals with heightened clarity our habitual patterns that cause us to suffer both on and off the cushion. Then, as we build the capacity to turn away from these patterns, a laser-like awareness can develop that can lead to profound stillness and deep joy.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Essential Dharma Meditation Retreat

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