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Diana Winston's Dharma Talks
Diana Winston
My work since 2006 through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center ( emphasizes making mindfulness teachings accessible to all, regardless of background, yet without losing depth practice. In recent years I have been teaching on Natural Awareness— the effortless, objectless, and spacious side of awareness practices. Socially engaged Buddhism is a thread woven through many of my talks-- how can we end suffering both internally and externally? Having worked with teens and young adults for many years, some of the talks are geared to young people. Finally as a mom of a tween, I'm deeply inspired by the transformative power of daily life and family practice.
2006-08-04 The Beauty Of The Paramis 55:15
Geared for younger people, this talk explores the 10 paramis--perfections of virtue--patience, integrity, loving-kindness, determination, generosity, etc., as they are cultivated in practice and manifested in life.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-05-30 The Body, My Body, Our Body 54:10
This talk explores the impersonal nature of "the" body, the role of conscious embodiment -- "my" body, and the interconnection of the two in the service of healing our planet.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-04-16 The Five Obscurations 61:30
Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Yucca Valley)
2006-02-19 Socially Engaged Buddhism 48:13
San Francisco Insight Meditation Community
2006-02-13 Speed 64:57
How speed and busyness manifest themselves in our culture, daily life, and meditation practice. How to work with them, too.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-01-25 Drop The Banana: The Four Noble Truths 54:19
Suffering, the cause, the way out, and the practical applications for retreat.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2006-01-15 The Seven Factors Of Enlightenment As Fruits Of Practice 59:12
Using the model of the seven factors of awakening we explore the promise and the potential of practice. What qualities of heart and mindcan we embody over time as we practice?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-11-17 The Bodhisattva 53:41
The Bodhisattva is a being whose life is dedicated to awakening for the sake of all beings. How can we embody this ideal, vow and vision? Can we become bodhisattvas?
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-11-12 The Five Difficult Energies 53:01
Wanting, aversion, sleepiness, restlessness and doubt; how do they manifest and how do we work with them and survive a 10-day meditation retreat in India.
2005-10-15 Equanimity On The Cushion And In The World 42:58
This talk explores how we develop equanimity through our practice.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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