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Jack Kornfield's Dharma Talks
Jack Kornfield
Over the years of teaching, I've found a growing need for profound lovingkindness and compassion--a transformation of the heart--to underlie the insights and understandings that come out of the practice. An opening of the mind needs to be supported by compassion from the heart if the practice is to be integrated, fulfilled, and lived in our lives.
1992-10-19 Mindfulness of Death 50:26
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1992-09-28 Desire, Passion And Love Of Dharma 60:07
Stabilizing the heart, mind, and body in this timeless moment.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1992-09-21 Listening With Our Whole Being 47:31
Exploring the central quality of spiritual life: the human capacity of listening.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1992-09-14 What Changes The Spiritual Journey Brings 48:25
Reflecting upon the transforming power of spiritual opening.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1992-07-27 The Dharma of Reconciliation 50:51
1992-03-01 Eightfold Path Of Practice: Right Attitude 44:22
Seeing that the mind creates our life and our world.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1992-03-01 Eightfold Path Of Practice: Right Speech 52:31
Discovering the freedom of relating in truth and trust.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
1992-03-01 Eightfold Path Of Practice: Right Action And Livelihood 1:50:42
Who we are is what we do and how we act. Virtue is Nirvana.
In collection: Eightfold Path Of Practice
1992-03-01 Eightfold Path Of Practice: Right Effort And Mindfulness 1:41:55
Directing the energy of our lives to be awake, aware and present.
In collections: Eightfold Path Of Practice, Right Effort
1992-03-01 Eightfold Path Of Practice 3:32:37
The wise ways of being that lead to peaceful and happy life as described by the Buddha.

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